Hi There

Why am I doing this??????

I thought for a long time that blogging wasn’t for me.  But I see false and misleading claims all around me.  Some are published in obscure places and strike me as dead on arrival.  Yet some of these get pulled into the world of the undead and get serious play.


Media publications resist making corrections.  Academic journals are worse.  It is difficult to publish debunking papers in academic journals.  So there needs to be another outlet and I’m hoping that blogging can work.

So, yes, to be perfectly honest the main thing that pushed me to blog in the first place is the need to fight against bad ideas…..

However, I plan to  do more with this blog than just combating myths..  There is an awful lot of great research coming out in the conflict field these days that I want to highlight.  This modern abundance of good ideas is one of the reasons it is such a joy to teach my “Economics of Warfare” course.

In fact, I will start with some of the positive stuff.

Let’s see what happens.


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