One-year anniversary of “Operation Protective Edge”

A year has passed since Israel launched “Operation Protective Edge” in the Gaza Strip.  This very short video  is an effective presentation.of the human and economic losses from this war, including some shocking footage of physical devastation.

The video also gives numbers of people killed in various categories, sourced to the UNHCR.  These figures are unlikely to need substantial modification in the future.  See this document and this document from Every Casualty (for which I’m a board member)  to understand where the UNHCR numbers come from.

Ultimately, the most authoritative account of the human losses of Operation Protective Edge will, in my opinion, come from B’tselem which is still working to document every single death, one by one.

B’tselem does a remarkably good job of providing open-source statistics on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, including exceptional detail on each person killed with few missing pieces of information.  This individualized attention to every person killed memorializes the victims much like the Srebrenica Memorial does.


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