Recognizes Reality in the DRC

Loyal readers will recall my bold prediction that would bow to reality in 2015 and explicitly recognize that child mortality rates have steadily decreased in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) during the war (which began around 1999).  (Well, actually an insider told me this would happen so perhaps this prediction wasn’t so bold.)

The 2014 report pencilled in a flat area (dark blue curve) that, I suggested, might have been a friendly gesture towards the International Rescue Committee (IRC), the NGO that went out on a limb to claim epic levels of war-caused excess deaths in the DRC with children presented as the primary victims.


The flat area has, indeed, disappeared in the 2015 report as predicted:


Child mortality rates in the DRC have long been high for the DRC’s region and remain so.  But now the data-driven dark blue line indicates that , if anything, the decline in child mortality rates accelerated during the war .

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