Langer Research Associates Responds: Part 1

Avid readers of this blog know that back in  2011 I wrote a paper with Steve Koczela finding evidence of fabrication in polls fielded in Iraq by D3 Systems and KA Research Limited. (You can find a trail of links here.)

We tried to open a dialogue with D3 and other interested parties but D3 responded in the time-honored fashion of those standing on firm intellectual ground:


In other words, they threatened to sue us.

The D3 threat was backed by a secret analysis of Langer Research Associates which “exhaustively reviewed the Subject Document and conclusively determined that it is false, misleading and asserts facts and conclusions which are incorrect.”  At the time I asked to see the Exhaustive Review but got no response.  Finally, it has appeared on the Langer Research Associates website.

I will address the substance of the Exhaustive Review in follow up posts.  For now I’ll just set the table with some points that are obvious but could,nevertheless, be overlooked.


  1.  I have placed our data in the public domain.  Loyal readers: please have a look.  In fact, if you’re not a loyal reader and would like to make me look stupid, here’s your chance.  Go for it!
  2. Langer Research Associates has risen to the challenge and also placed their data in the public domain has not released their data. The strategy of suppressing relevant data is consistent with the strategy of using the legal system to suppress analysis of related data.
  3. The Exhaustive Review is not so exhaustive as to include any analysis of the polls we analyzed in our original paper.  (I know this is totally confusing but the link between the Langer data and our data is that both sets of polls were fielded in Iraq by D3 and KA.)
  4. Some of our data were already in the public domain and we would have gladly provided the rest to the exhaustive reviewers although they would have had to communicate with us in order to achieve this result.
  5. It is better to resolve research disputes with dialogue rather than with legal threats.


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