Data Dump Friday – Event Data on the Colombia Conflict, 1988 – 2005

Hello everybody.  Today initiates a new regular feature of the blog which I will call “Data Dump Friday”.

Each week I will post some conflict data on this page until I run out of stuff to post.  Unless I get a research assistant to streamline this operation this will go on for a long time.  (If you’re aware of some data set you think I have and you want to have please email me at or put a comment up on the blog.)

The back story is that I’ve been planning for a long time to create a massive data page and then make a grand announcement when it’s done.  But it has finally dawned on me that I will never reach a point when suddenly I have a big bloc of free time to complete this chore.  So I’ve decided to do this project in dribs and drabs until I’m done.

The first installment is now up.  It is event data on the Colombian Conflict, 1988 – 2005.


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