Data Dump Friday – A Film of Cats Doing Funny Things plus Somewhere Between 1 and 16 New Iraq Public Opinion Datasets

This is a great clip.

Moreover, I’ve updated the conflict data page as is my custom on Fridays.

It’s hard to quantify how much is new in these additions.

There is one file designated “STATE MEDIA – All Data”.  Then there are a bunch of files with titles like “Media – Wasit”, Media – Salah Ad Din, etc., going through governorate by governorate.  So I think that the full dataset was broken down into a bunch of mini components that are redundant.

But I figure that it’s better to post exactly what I have rather than investigating everything in detail and posting only what I think you need to have.  This isn’t the first situation like this but this case is so obvious that I figured I should comment.

Have a great weekend.


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