Fabrication Conference Follow Up

Here are the slides from my presentation at the fabrication conference.

It was called “Waiting for Godot: What Happens after you Find Fabricated Data” and it’s about the (mis)handling of the bogus and unethical Burnham et al. survey aimed at determining the number of people killed in the Iraq war.

I’ve already discussed this survey on the blog here and here and we will certainly return to it.

The conference was super interesting and I will blog on it more over the next few days.


Conference on Fabrication in Survey Research with Live Streaming

Hello everybody.

I’m getting a little tired of beginning every post with an apology for going silent but, well, here we are again.

On Tuesday I’ll participate in this conference on fabrication in survey research.  I’m very excited.  This is an important and neglected topic that needs an open airing but is rarely discussed.

Plus, there’s great news.  You can follow it on a live stream (see the link).

I believe that recordings will also be posted after the event and I’ll follow up on this.