Economics of Warfare – Lecture 4

Here are the slides for last week's lecture.  I plan to upload lecture 5 later today. I apologize for the lack of blogging but I've been snowed under by teaching and Head of Department duties.  Fortunately, the latter duty will be ending in a few weeks and I'll have more time.  Meanwhile, I do plan … Continue reading Economics of Warfare – Lecture 4

Department of Corrections: Mike Spagat – Edition 2

I've just gone through and corrected this post. The present post is, therefore, a follow up to this earlier one which, weirdly, was about correcting the claim that Keynes had claimed that he always corrected himself when he's wrong.  It seems that Keynes didn't actually say this although he did correct himself when wrong. Anyway, I … Continue reading Department of Corrections: Mike Spagat – Edition 2