Economics of Warfare – Lecture 2

Here is lecture 2 just given a couple of hours ago.


Targeting Terrorists and Near Certainty

The American Civil Liberties Union had a successful FOIA request that yielded a document explaining how the Obama Administration approves actions to kill suspected terrorists.  I learned about the release from this good article. What follows are just my personal angles, not a comprehensive treatment of the document. First, I don't know why these policies … Continue reading Targeting Terrorists and Near Certainty

Does the Overreaction to Terrorism Justify the Overreaction to Terrorism?

Vox has yet another great article, this one giving good insights into how the Obama Administration thinks about foreign policy. I won't rehash it here.  Instead, I just want to zero in on one point that I found particularly interesting. Zack Beauchamp interviews Susan Rice, President Obama's National Security Adviser. He notes, correctly, that the … Continue reading Does the Overreaction to Terrorism Justify the Overreaction to Terrorism?

Threats, Real and Imagined (mostly Imagined)

Two interesting and related articles crossed my screen almost simultaneously - this one by Nils Petter Gleditsch and Ida Rudolfsen and this one by John Mueller. Gleditsch and Rudolfsen crunch the numbers and reach a conclusion that is simple, interesting and novel.  I love it! Civil wars in Muslim countries have not increased dramatically in absolute … Continue reading Threats, Real and Imagined (mostly Imagined)