Data Dump Friday – Part 3, another Iraq Poll

I managed to get another dataset up on the conflict data page today.

More importantly, I realized that the csv files I’ve been posting for the people who don’t have SPSS were actually not very useful for….errr… people who don’t have SPSS.  The reason is that the questions are lost when I do the conversion.

So I’m now posting pdf files with the missing questions.  Today this seems to have added about an hour to my dumping activities but after some practice I should be able to move much faster.

Meanwhile, the feeling of despair grow.  At the current rate I’ll have a long, grey beard before I finish posting all the data.  I’ve gotta look into getting a grant.

Data Dump Friday – Part 2, some Iraq Polling Data

Happy Friday.

I have just posted here three new things.

  1. A list of all the data sets that Steve Koczela obtained from the State Department through his successful FOIA application.
  2. An Iraq poll from April 2006 fielded by the Iraq Center for Research and Strategic Studies (ICRSS).  [Note – this organization seems to be defunct.  Perhaps someone out there knows something about this?]
  3. An Iraq poll also from April 2006 and asking the same questions as the ICRSS poll but fielded by the notorious combination of D3 Systems and KA Research Limited (KARL).

We already saw a head to head comparison of these two polls that left no doubt that much of the D3/KA data were fabricated (see also this post).

More next week!