Data Dump Friday is Back Again: More Iraq Opinion Polls plus a film of Lions Hugging a Woman

Here’s the film you’re looking for.

Also, after being lazy for more than a month I’ve started uploading the remaining Iraq opinion polls at our old friend, the conflict data page.


Data Dump Friday – Just Three this Week Plus a Cleanup of the Censorship Page


I’ve now put all the State Department public opinion polls conducted in Iraq during 2005 up on the conflict data page.

I’ve also cleaned up the censorship page after I realized that its organization is worse than the organization on the conflict data page.

And, yes, I should unite the two pages since there is now a lot of data posted on the censorship page that isn’t on the conflict data page which doesn’t make a lot of sense.  So I’ll probably set up a mirror posting next week.

Look at this post if you’ve forgotten what the censorship page is about.