Recognizes Reality in the DRC

Loyal readers will recall my bold prediction that would bow to reality in 2015 and explicitly recognize that child mortality rates have steadily decreased in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) during the war (which began around 1999).  (Well, actually an insider told me this would happen so perhaps this prediction wasn't so bold.) The 2014 … Continue reading Recognizes Reality in the DRC

A Must Read: Steven Pinker Marks to Market

Steven Pinker's master work, The Better Angels of our Nature, found very long-term declines (going back to pre-history) in a broad array of violence indicators.  The book is mercifully long although it doesn't reach the lofty standards of the John Cage Organ Project.  Those of us craving further fixes can briefly binge on the annual updates … Continue reading A Must Read: Steven Pinker Marks to Market

Rushing from Syria to Sudan

I've opened several recent posts with something like "Here's a nice article but it comes up short in a particular way that I'd like to discuss."  Please take such formulations at face value and don't imagine that I'm stretching to find something polite to say.  I'll tell you directly when I think I see a terrible article. This article is terrible. All … Continue reading Rushing from Syria to Sudan

What Exactly has Omar al-Bashir Wrought in Darfur?

This is the first of two posts on Darfur. Here is a nice article by Rick Gladstone about efforts to bring President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan before the International Criminal Court (ICC).  Everything I know about al-Bashir suggests that he as an outstanding candidate to be prosecuted by the ICC. But this paragraph raises a … Continue reading What Exactly has Omar al-Bashir Wrought in Darfur?