L’Affaire Burnham: Ten Years Later

I just gave this presentation at the annual meeting of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) in Toronto. The title of the talk is taken from Richard Kulka's Presidential Address to AAPOR.  Back in 2009 AAPOR censured Gilbert Burnham of Johns Hopkins University for refusing to disclose basic information about his methodology for … Continue reading L’Affaire Burnham: Ten Years Later

A Zombie Graph Lives on Courtesy of the Lancet

I've got a new article just out in The Conversation.  Here's the short version: The Lancet publishes a false graph The problems of the graph are exposed, several even in letters to the Lancet. The Lancet just leaves the graph up. A Washington Post reporter stumbles onto the false graph, thinks it’s cool and reprints it. … Continue reading A Zombie Graph Lives on Courtesy of the Lancet