Precision Air Strikes

Yesterday I took issue with the opposition of Lord Howe to a proposed requirement for the British military to record civilian casualties caused during their operations.  My post passed over something in his speech that bothered me and which I'll address today. Every care is taken to avoid or minimise civilian casualties and our use … Continue reading Precision Air Strikes

A Helpful Response from Airwars

Just a few hours ago I commented on yesterday's House of Lords discussion on casualty recording.  I asked for some clarification from Airwars and, lo, Chris Woods has answered.   We maintain two separate datasets for the Coalition - the civcas one here. And the official Coalition/ member nation press releases here. It's the latter which … Continue reading A Helpful Response from Airwars

Casualty Recording Amendment to the Armed Forces Bill Withdrawn

Hat tip to John Sloboda of Every Casualty for sending me a transcript of the discussion on civilian casualty recording held in the the House of Lords yesterday.  I paste the whole thing to the bottom of this post. My reading is that Earl Howe, whose many titles include Minister of State (Minister of Defence) … Continue reading Casualty Recording Amendment to the Armed Forces Bill Withdrawn

Langer Research Associates Responds: Part IV

This continues the stream of posts beginning here and continuing through here, here, here and here. Today I had wanted to write on duplicates in the D3/KA Iraq surveys but I've hit a little snag in the analysis so I will postpone this subject for the near future. Instead, today I'll cover empty categories, that is, answer choices … Continue reading Langer Research Associates Responds: Part IV