Chilcot – Brexit Parallels

The release of the Chilcot report is so soon after the Brexit vote that I can’t help comparing the two.

And I know this is strange but I notice several surprisingly close resemblances between the Brexit vote and the decisions (both of the UK and the US) to invade Iraq:

  1.  Both were genuinely dramatic actions that were to be taken without much of a plan for what would come next.
  2. Both were misinformed by false information.  For example, there were campaign claims that Brexit would lead to a flood of money for the National Health Service and that the EU is on the verge of admitting a bunch of Muslim-majority countries.  Of course, the decision to invade Iraq was greased by the false claim that Iraq had (and was developing more) Weapons of Mass Destruction.
  3. Both decisions were widely opposed in Europe but masses of people in the US and UK assumed that  these Europeans are idiots.  (Of course, on the US side this is mostly true of the invasion decision, not Brexit which wasn’t much of a concern in the US.)

I wonder if readers have further thoughts on this.  I find this subject interesting although I’m not sure that it has any practical significance.